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Users are requested to update their new IFSC Codes by logging in and visting the my account section. The New IFSC codes are required to be updated due to banking merger of below mentioned banks into State Bank of India.

1. State Bank of Hyderabad

2. State Bank of Travancore

3. State Bank of Patiala

4. State Bank of Bikaner and Jaipur

5. State Bank of Mysore

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MD, SFAC launches new improved user friendly website of eNam on 5th November 2018

eNAM proves boon for turmeric producers in drought-hit region Click Here

 Additional Payment Gateway "PAY2CORP" – Now Live on e-NAM: – This payment gateway would facilitate traders to make online payment through Corporate Internet Banking of SBI.....Read More

E-auctions to break cartels in APMC Click Here

Important Information to Mandis regarding farmer Registeration on eNam Platform.....Read More

As per the direction from Agriculture Ministry, Data Entry Form has been introduced in Application (Entry/Exit>>Transactions>>Non eNam Trade Entry) for Recording of Non eNam Trade at Mandi. Mandis are requested to enter their non eNam trade on Day to Day Basis for Next 3 months Starting Dec 1,2018.

Maharashtra’s move to denotify all products from APMC Act purview, the right step Read More

Govt of Rajasthan notifies conversion of all existing traders licenses of e-NAM Mandis to unified license Read More

Distribution of Smart Phones to 28 Lakh farmers in Jharkhand to enable smooth eNAM usage.Click Here

ICICI Bank's Special Current Account Facility for eNam Traders - zero balance and no charges for basic banking - Valid till 31st Dec 2018....Read More

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MP : 0.5% Rebate on Mandi Fee for the traders, participating in e-trade through e-NAM with effect 06 oct 2018

Haryana State e-NAM Review & FPO’s Onboarding Meeting on e-NAM held on 29th May'2018 - Khand Bhavan, Gandhinagar chaired by MD SFAC and Gujarat Agriculture Secretary.

 HPSAMB – An undertaking being taken from the licensed commission agents for ensuring 25% of the total trade to be undertaken through e-NAM platform on real time basis before the renewal of license for the year 2018-19

PM Launches agro e-trading platform e-NAM.

A meeting was held on August 28, 2018 in Chandigarh at conference hall of Haryana Niwas, Sector 3B, Chandigarh chaired by MD SFAC and Principal Secretary Agriculture, Government of Haryana.

Hon'ble CM of Maharashtra reviews progress of eNAM in the State along with Hon'ble Minister, cooperation and Marketing, MD SFAC and senior officers of Government of Maharashtra at Mumbai


Commodity List


1. Arhar
2. Bajra
3. Barley
4. Basmati rice
5. Chana whole
6. Jowar
7. Lobia
8. Maize
9. Masoor whole
10. Moong whole
11. Moth
12. Paddy
13. Ragi
14. Rajma
15. Urad whole
16. Wheat
17. White Peas

1. Castor seed
2. Cotton Seed
3. Kusum seed
4. Linseed
5. Mustard seed
6. Nigar Seed
7. Peanut kernel
8. Pongam seeds
9. Sal Seed
10. Sesame seed
11. Soyabean
12. Sunflower seed

1. Apple
2. Banana
3. Custard apple
4. Grapes
5. Guava
6. Jackfruit
7. Kinnow
8. Lemon
9. Litchi
10. Mango
11. Musk melon
12. Orange
13. Papaya
14. Peach
15. Pear
16. Pineapple
17. Plum
18. Pomegranate
19. Raw Mango
20. Sapota
21. Sweet orange
22. Watermelon

1. Beetroot
2. Bhindi/Okra
3. Bitter gourd
4. Bottle gourd
5. Brinjal
6. Cabbage
7. Capsicum
8. Carrots
9. Cauliflower
10. Cluster beans
11. Colocasia vegetable
12. Coriander leaves
13. Cucumber
14. Drumstick
15. Fenugreek Leaves
16. Garlic
17. Ginger
18. Green chillies
19. Ivy gourd
20. Jimikand (Suran)
21. Mustard leaf
22. Onion
23. Pea
24. Pointed gourd
25. Potato
26. Pumpkin
27. Reddish
28. Ribbed celery
29. Ridge Gourd
30. Spinach
31. Sweet Corn
32. Sweet potato
33. Tomato

1. Ajwain
2. Coriander whole
3. Cumin
4. Dried Raw Mango Slices
5. Fennel seed
6. Fenugreek seed
7. Large cardamom
8. Red chilli
9. Tejpata
10. Turmeric

1. Areca nut (betel nut)
2. Bamboo
3. Betel leaves
4. Coconut
5. Cotton
6. Groundnut with pods
7. Guar seed
8. Isabgol
9. Jaggery
10. Mahua flower
11. Mahua Seed
12. Marigold
13. Raisins
14. Raw Cashew nut
15. Raw Jute
16. Rittha
17. Saffron
18. Tamarind
19. Tender coconut
20. Tuberose

Commodity CategoryNo. of Commodities