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New OTP feature for validation of Mobile no. & email id for Traders has been incorporated in the eNAM portal; Dated Sept 17, 2019

Online agri trade through e-NAM soars to Rs 8,584 crores in Telangana; Dated 14 Sep 2019 2:36 AM IST CLICK HERE for Details

New Version of eNAM with advanced & imporvised features was launched on 20th June 2019. e-Learning videos and other tutorials will be available on the website Click Here 

Distribution of Smart Phones to 28 Lakh farmers in Jharkhand to enable smooth eNAM usage.Click Here

eNAM reports first inter-State saleRead More

 e-NAM receives the prestigious Changemaker - Digital Transformation Award Click Here (Published on March 18, 2019)

Success stories of Mahakaushal Progressive Farmers Self Reliant Producer Company Ltd. (MPFSRPCL) at Seoni in Madhya Pradesh Click Here (Published on April 25, 2019)

Success stories of Girimala Farmers Producer Company Ltd.(GFPCL) at Modasa in Gujarat Click Here (Published on April 25, 2019)

Maharashtra APMCs may go in for inter-state trade on eNAM; Dated August 10, 2019 3:42:49 AM

AP is first state to implement eNAM: Pradyumna; Dated August 31, 2019 For Details Click Here

 e-NAM Shopping cart is Introduced. It is a way to create a temporary list of Lots by adding them to cart. All Lots from different mandis can be added for bidding purpose. Will increase convenience in Bidding process and trader can BID in bulk as per their selection/choice (Published on March 05, 2019)

Discounts to Traders at the time of e-Payment Introduced. This discount in Mandi fee will be applicable only in e-Payments.(Published on March 05, 2019)

Logistic Information Module Introduced in Traders Module where a logistic provider will registered themselves in e-NAM portal to post the information.(Published on March 05, 2019)

Bunching of selected invoices for single payment Introduced. This feature is applicable for Inter-mandi and interstate Invoices also.(Published on March 05, 2019)

Auto Sale Agreement Introduced. After weighing auto sale agreement feature will generate Sale agreements. This automation will bring more transparency into the system (Published on March 05, 2019)

Unified Trading Licensing System for Inter State Introduced.Trader can apply for interstate trade permission in their e-NAM Login.Request will reach respective state/ APMC administrator for approval. Approve trader can participate both the state simultaneously Published on March 05, 2019)

Telengana -Exemption of Market Fee @ Rs 0.25 % and collecting only Rs 0.75% if trader/CAs undertake market transactions from end to end trading process in eNam programmes for a period of 1 year starting Dec 12, 2018 Click Here (Published on March 28, 2019)

Govt of Rajasthan appoints Nodal agency for Engaging and enrolling of FPO/FPS in the state.Click here

(Published on March 12, 2019)

26 new commodities added on eNAM for trade .For further details Click Here 

Govt of Rajasthan notifies conversion of all existing traders licenses of e-NAM Mandis to unified license with effect jan 20, 2019

What’s changed at Suryapet after eNAM Read More

Important Information to APMCs/Boards - New Feature Live on eNam Platform....Sale Agreement and Sale Bill will be generated automatically once weighment is completed with effective 20 Jan, 2019

As per the direction from Agriculture Ministry, Data Entry Form has been introduced in Application (Entry/Exit>>Transactions>>Non eNam Trade Entry) for Recording of Non eNam Trade at Mandi. Mandis are requested to enter their non eNam trade on Day to Day Basis for Next 3 months Starting Dec 1,2018.

Govt plans to link 22,000 mandis with eNam platform (hindi) Click here

Govt plans to link all 7,500 APMCs with e-Nam by 2022 Click here



Nizamabad Mandi Selected for effective implementation of reforms for strengthening the e-NAM

(File Photo: Department of Agricultural Marketing,Telangana receiving the award from Prime Minister Mr. Narendra Modi for Best Performance of Nizamabad Mandi in eNAM along with Mandi Secretary)

The Nizamabad Agriculture Market yard was selected for the national level award for the effective implementation of reforms for strengthening the electronic National Agriculture Market (eNAM). District Collector received the award from the Prime Minister Mr. Narendra Modi at a function held in connection with the Civil Services Day celebrations in New Delhi on April 21, 2017.

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eNAM is the flagship programme of the Central Government and the district secured very good recognition for being in the forefront in the execution of the project. The Collector has taken special interest on it to plug laxities in the project implementation resulting in the easy access to nationwide trading for farmers avoiding middlemen.

GFPCL at Modasa in Gujarat helps farmers realise higher prices through eNAM

Girimala Farmers Producer Company Ltd. (GFPCL) is formed to serve small & marginal farmers in villages around Modasa, Gujarat. Currently the company is working in 26 villages with 980 members of Meghraj and Malpurblocks of Aravali district. Company's primary objective is to increase income and employment of member farmers through strengthening their present livelihood.

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Better prices obtained by MPFSRPCL farmers through eNAM

Mahakaushal Progressive Farmers Self Reliant Producer Company Ltd. (MPFSRPCL) is registered at Chikla village of Seoni district in Madhya Pradesh. It serves 3000 farmers from 29 villages in Seoni. eNAM mandi professional Shri Manoj Patle at Seoni attended Kisan Sammelan of MPFSRPCL to create awareness about eNAM & it’s benefits to farmers. The interaction developed interest amongst the MPFSRPCL members and they requested their officials to learn more about eNAM.

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