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New Operational Guideline of e-NAM is available in the resource section . To download , click here

UP Govt. has smoothen the process of getting license to establish electronic trading portal . Pls refer the circular & Annexure A - Click Here

Mandi fees reduced for Madhya Pradesh (MP) for more details Click Here

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Important Notice - Tamilnadu :

Tamil Nadu State Agriculture Marketing Board is inviting other state traders to do interstate trade in tamilnadu through eNAM. Click here for details

!! Important Notice - UP !! 

UP State Agriculture Marketing Board is inviting other state traders to do interstate trade of MUSTARD in UP through eNAM. For more details Click Here 

UP State Agriculture Marketing Board is inviting other state traders to do interstate trade of POTATO & VEGETABLES in UP through eNAM.  Click here for latest details. For others Click Here

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HPSAMB Notification regarding exemption of 10% Market Fee on e-NAM Trade..

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e-NAM Platform of Platforms ( PoP) Launched by Honourable Union Agriculture Minister on 14th July'2022 at National Conference of Agriculture & Horticulture Ministers in Bangalore " to download the e-NAM Mobile App please visit Google Play Store or click here

Mandi fee revised in Rajasthan for further details..

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Objective of eNWR & e-NAM Integration

To integrate WDRA accredited warehouses which are further declared by the State Governments as a regulated Agricultural Produce Market Committee (APMC) / Sub Marketing Yards with National Agriculture Market (e-NAM) Platform to perform a transparent online trade of eNWRs via e-NAM Platform.


Main Benefits of this Integration

The depositors/ farmers / FPOs need not visit mandi rather deposit their agri-produce in nearby WDRA accredited warehouse & sell their deposited produce through e-NAM hence reduce transportation cost and can avoid distress sell of their produce in season.


Process Flow of eNWR Trade on e-NAM :

  • Warehouses that are registered with WDRA are linked up with two repositories NERL and CCRL for accessing the trade records of Warehouses and the eNWRs generated at warehouses.
  • Through NERL & CCRL repositories, warehouses will post the eNWR to e-NAM and e-NAM will create the lots against these eNWRs for performing the trade based on the fixed timings.
  • Bidding, Bid declaration and Winner announcement will take place on e-NAM Platform and the same information will be passed to repository application for depositor consent.
  • Upon receiving the consent , Sale Agreement and Sale Bill will be generated and will allow e- NAM traders to initiate the online payment through e-NAM Portal.
  • After Payment is settled to the stakeholders, Ownership transfer will be initiated at repository end by converting the trader as depositor.