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New Operational Guideline of e-NAM is available in the resource section . To download , click here

UP Govt. has smoothen the process of getting license to establish electronic trading portal . Pls refer the circular & Annexure A - Click Here

Mandi fees reduced for Madhya Pradesh (MP) for more details Click Here

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Important Notice - Tamilnadu :

Tamil Nadu State Agriculture Marketing Board is inviting other state traders to do interstate trade in tamilnadu through eNAM. Click here for details

!! Important Notice - UP !! 

UP State Agriculture Marketing Board is inviting other state traders to do interstate trade of MUSTARD in UP through eNAM. For more details Click Here 

UP State Agriculture Marketing Board is inviting other state traders to do interstate trade of POTATO & VEGETABLES in UP through eNAM.  Click here for latest details. For others Click Here

Upcoming Training Schedule Link..

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HPSAMB Notification regarding exemption of 10% Market Fee on e-NAM Trade..

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e-NAM Platform of Platforms ( PoP) Launched by Honourable Union Agriculture Minister on 14th July'2022 at National Conference of Agriculture & Horticulture Ministers in Bangalore " to download the e-NAM Mobile App please visit Google Play Store or click here

Mandi fee revised in Rajasthan for further details..

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APMC means the Agricultural Produce & Livestock Market Committee established under the provisions of APLM Act.

Agricultural Produce Market Committee (APMC) Yard / Regulated Market Committees (RMC) Yard is any place in the market area managed by a Market Committee, for the purpose of regulation of marketing of notified agricultural produce and livestock in physical, electronic or other such mode. -The place shall include any structure, enclosure, open space locality, street including warehouse/silos/pack house/cleaning, grading , packaging and processing unit pesent in the Market Committee of the defined market area.

Currently there are 1389 markets that are linked to the e-NAM network from 23 states and 4 UT's.

States (State Agriculture Marketing Boards) interested to integrate their APMCs /mandis with NAM are required to carry out following reforms in their APMC Act.

a) Single trading license (Unified) to be valid across the state

b) Single point levy of market fee across the state; and

c) Provision for e-auction/ e-trading as a mode of price discovery

Benefits from e-NAM for an APMC are :

-Free Software for System integration/ Automation of recording transactions

- Complete information on trade

- Real time arrival recording

- Analyze price trends, arrival and trading activities

- Automated record of financial information

- Reduction in man-power requirement