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New Operational Guideline of e-NAM is available in the resource section . To download , click here

UP Govt. has smoothen the process of getting license to establish electronic trading portal . Pls refer the circular & Annexure A - Click Here

Mandi fees reduced for Madhya Pradesh (MP) for more details Click Here

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Important Notice - Tamilnadu :

Tamil Nadu State Agriculture Marketing Board is inviting other state traders to do interstate trade in tamilnadu through eNAM. Click here for details

!! Important Notice - UP !! 

UP State Agriculture Marketing Board is inviting other state traders to do interstate trade of MUSTARD in UP through eNAM. For more details Click Here 

UP State Agriculture Marketing Board is inviting other state traders to do interstate trade of POTATO & VEGETABLES in UP through eNAM.  Click here for latest details. For others Click Here

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HPSAMB Notification regarding exemption of 10% Market Fee on e-NAM Trade..

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e-NAM Platform of Platforms ( PoP) Launched by Honourable Union Agriculture Minister on 14th July'2022 at National Conference of Agriculture & Horticulture Ministers in Bangalore " to download the e-NAM Mobile App please visit Google Play Store or click here

Mandi fee revised in Rajasthan for further details..

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FPOs/FPCs can register on e-NAM Portal via website ( or mobile app or providing following details at nearest e-NAM mandi:

- Name of FPOs/ FPCs

- Name, address, email Id and contact no. of authorized person (MD/CEO /Manager )

- Bank account Details ( Name of Bank, Branch, Account no. IFSC Code )

The concept behind Farmer Producer Organizations is that farmers, who are the producers of agricultural products, can form groups. To facilitate this process, the Small Farmers’ Agribusiness Consortium (SFAC) was mandated by Department of Agriculture and Cooperation, Ministry of Agriculture, Govt. of India, to support the State Governments in the formation of Farmer Producer Organizations (FPOs)

The role of FPO is to act as an aggregator for member farmers including from inputs to output which will enhance the economy of scale and bargaining power of member farmers. In case of unsold Lots, Logisitics arrangement is to be made by FPO/FPC

FPOs/ FPCs can act as an aggregator for its member and sell through e-trading as one/ multiple lot depending upon requirment.

Payment will be done directly to the FPO/ FPCs bank account. In turn FPO/ FPCs can distribute among members.

Union budget 2017-18 made provision to install collection/ sorting/ grading/ packing facilities at their premises.

Provision for personalised dashboard and real time information on arrival, quality and price of commodities.

Currently 3366 FPO's have been onboarded on e-NAM platform.

- The entire Payment will be credited to One Bank account of FPO/FPC.

- Post credit of Payment disbursal of amount to Individual members farmers has to be done by FPO/FPC

- FPOs/FPCs will be provided access to e-NAM Dashboard to see MIS and Reports related to the Trade executed by FPOs/FPCs