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Important Notice - Tamilnadu :

Tamil Nadu State Agriculture Marketing Board is inviting other state traders to do interstate trade in tamilnadu through eNAM. Click here for details

!! Important Notice - UP !! 

UP State Agriculture Marketing Board is inviting other state traders to do interstate trade in UP through eNAM.  Click here for latest details. For others Click Here

Upcoming Training Schedule Link..

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HPSAMB Notification regarding exemption of 10% Market Fee on e-NAM Trade..

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e-NAM Platform of Platforms ( PoP) Launched by Honourable Union Agriculture Minister on 14th July'2022 at National Conference of Agriculture & Horticulture Ministers in Bangalore " to download the e-NAM Mobile App please visit Google Play Store or click here

Mandi fee revised in Rajasthan for further details..

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Payment via Challan

Buyer to take print of Challan generated in the system & deposit payment at his nearest bank. If any of the details on NEFT voucher does not match that of challan, it would be validated at ICICI Bank’s end & funds would be refunded back to the trader’s account.

The payment can be remitted on the challan via two modes as mentioned below:

1. The trader may log in to his personal internet banking and register the alphanumeric account number (e.g. NAM345678923) as a Payee/Beneficiary under NEFT. Once the payee registration process is completed, the trader can initiate the payment as mentioned on the challan.

2. The trader may visit his own Bank branch and initiate the NEFT payment. Trader to double check and ensure that all relevant details such as account number, IFSC code, amount etc. should be as mentioned on the challan.

If the challan amount is Rs. 100 and NEFT charges as applied by Trader’s Bank is Rs. 5 then Trader need to pay a total sum of Rs. 105.

Note: Minimum Time for Challan payments are T+1 Working Day.